Modifying staff behavior and performance

What we do

When a client becomes concerned with staff performance or behaviour there are several things we investigate.

We’ll establish what are the specifics of the performance issue considering things like:

  • What are all the manager’s performance expectations of a competent person?
  • How well communicated are expectations?
  • Is the job spec out of date or woolly?
  • Are success measures clear and has interim feedback been communicated?

We’ll then find out why has performance dipped below acceptable levels. The reasons may include:

  • Knowledge – the person does not know what needs to be done or how to do it
  • Skills – the person knows what to do and how to do it but needs practice
  • Attitude – the person is not motivated to do it, there is no positive consequence for good performance and no negative consequence for poor performance
  • Capability – no matter what is done to help, the person will never be able to perform to the required standard – you’ve got a recruitment or a promotion issue
  • Resources – the person is working flat out and doing as best as can be expected in the circumstances, however does not have the team or equipment needed
  • Processes – a poor process is getting in the way of the work being done efficiently

Once the reasons have been identified then the solutions become a bit clearer too: further training or coaching, further practice, arranging a consequence which matters, changing the role, changing the resources, changing the process or perhaps as a last resort change the person.

Other related consulting options in this area to consider?

staff performance or behaviour
Potential client uses/benefits

Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing previously good performers have their contributions fall away.


Investigating what goes wrong in one incident can reveal systemic or procedural problems that can have wide reaching benefits when resolved.


The client is also seen to be fair in handling the situation and can hopefully enjoy a turn around in performance and get back the valuable staff member.