How Do We Help

Whether we are working with you on organisational development and culture change projects, developing bespoke leadership development programmes, helping you to plan for negotiations and working with you to improve the necessary skills, or raising the financial and commercial awareness of your managers, we always approach working with you from the same starting point:

setting direction

Step 1: We listen to what you want to achieve and investigate the gaps in performance or resources which are hindering your desired outcomes.

selecting strategy

Step 2: We evaluate the identified gaps to untangle the root causes of problems.

implement strategic plans

Step 3: We select or design interventions to take the necessary corrective steps, then help you to implement and sustain the changes required.

Your project will be unique, however below are a number of recurring problem areas we have observed when working with clients, some of which may be relevant to your own situation

Often difficulties and frustrations arise due to a lack of:

Click on any of the above to see some of the interventions which may be beneficial for you.

We adopt a similar approach when working with you when designing bespoke training. We:

Assess: your overall objectives and requirements
Design: training to meet your specified, desired learning outcome
Develop: any modifications needed after project progress discussions
Implement: the delivery of the training course, workshop or webinar
Evaluate: the impact of the training with you as fully as is practicable


We can work with any size of delegate group. However for maximum learning we recommend that numbers at a training event are limited to 15 and, for minimal business disruption, we never have delegates away from the business for longer than 2 days at a time.