Training needs analysis

What we do

A training needs analysis (TNA) is an exercise which is carried out periodically, either formally or informally, to identify and then reduce any skills or knowledge gaps in the company, all with a view to improving the business.  A TNA can happen at organisational level, the function/ division level and/ or the individual level.

A TNA seeks to identify the required level of skill/knowledge versus the current actual level of skill/knowledge.  Any significant differences between the two (the ‘gap’) can then be prioritised and addressed.

Sometimes staff and managers are already very clear about what needs to be done to help them improve their area of the business.  However if there is uncertainty or differences of opinion then an analysis can be carried out to identify the issues.  Information gathering techniques include one-to-one or group interviews, internal or customer surveys, SWOT analysis, work sample testing or observation, or a mix.

Pearl Onion is also experienced in working on ways of then reducing the gap, through changes in work processes, training programmes, coaching etc.

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Potential client uses/benefits

A TNA carried out periodically, especially if a team or division is struggling to deliver, can help bring about significant improvements in one or more of:

  • Business effectiveness
  • Business efficiency
  • Job satisfaction
  • Profitability