Team assessment

What we do

Pearl Onion are sometimes called in to help a team which is under-performing.  Many issues can be clear to management, but in more complex situations we can carry out a team assessment incorporating a variety of diagnostic tools in to uncover the real needs for our clients, using for example:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Workshops
  • Observation (e.g. sitting in on team meetings)

Areas we can investigate include Trust, Collaboration, Communication and Shared Purpose.

High performing teams are those which:

  • Are comfortable asking each other for help and are able to be open with each other
  • Use each other’s skills effectively
  • Make fast decisions which people understand
  • Accomplish more with the resources available to them
  • Have lively positive meetings where people have a voice
  • Align around a common purpose

Other related consulting options in this area to consider?

image of team assessment leading to working well together
Potential client uses/benefits

Expected outcomes are improved team effectiveness and increased individual job satisfaction.