Communicating Effectively in the WorkplaceCourse ref CW1C


Effective communication skills are essential for success in today’s business world. Everyone, at every level in an organisation, needs to be able to express themselves clearly and be understood.

This interactive one-day training course will help you develop your communication skills. You’ll learn what it takes to be a successful communicator, the barriers to effective communication, and how best to communicate confidently.

Who should attend?

People who wish to improve their communication skills, build their confidence levels and create better relationships.

What will I come away with?

  • An understanding of the barriers to effective communication
  • Feedback about your own communication style
  • Better able to use effective questions
  • Techniques to check for and build understanding with others
  • Increased confidence when communicating face-to-face

What does this course cover?


  • What is ‘good communication’
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • The other person’s perspective
  • Choosing the right medium
  • The impact of poor communication

Good Questioning Skills

  • Knowing when and how to ask a question
  • Gathering information through effective questions

Good Listening Skills

  • Listening really well
  • The non-verbal aspects

Putting it into Practice

  • You’ll take part in exercises and discussions to help you practice communicate more confidently
  • You’ll create a personal action plan to help you sustain the learning

Other courses to consider?

  • This course lends itself well to being delivered in-house in bite-sized 90 minute sessions.

effective communication skills introduction

1 day

Public course dates

Please contact us to check on public course dates availability.

In-house events

Presented as an in-house group of up to 12 people.

This course is fully tailorable to meet the needs of your organisation.

Trainer's viewpoint - Lesley Wilson

“Communication is at the heart of everything we do, it profoundly affects our wellbeing and our impact in the workplace. Every communication has an emotional impact on us. Choosing not to communicate causes us problems too. Every communication is imperfect – but the good news is that we can improve our communication skills.”

Lesley Wilson, Pearl Onion Training

Other information

“Every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.”
― Charles DickensA Tale of Two Cities