Communication – Effective Writing SkillsCourse ref BW1C


This highly interactive and practical half-day course provides delegates with the knowledge and skills required to improve their written communication at work – an essential skill for communicating with colleagues and customers. 

Who should attend?

Anyone who is expected to produce documents at work, such as emails, letters, reports or proposals, will benefit from this course.  The course is especially useful for people who lack confidence when putting their ideas into writing, or whose written work lacks clarity and impact.

What will I come away with?

  • Feedback about your own writing style
  • Understand the rules of professional writing
  • Increased confidence levels and improved communication with customers & colleagues
  • Enhance your personal and business brand

What does this course cover?

  • Writing with the reader in mind
  • Key tips on improving your business writing, including:
    • Short vs long words
    • Constructing sentences and paragraphs
    • Active and passive voice
    • Woolly words and phrases
    • Emails
    • Refresher on grammar and punctuation
  • Practice sessions and feedback

Other courses to consider?

  • Bite-sized Leadership – personal brand and impact (LB3C)
writing skills improvement techniques

1/2 day

Public course dates

Please contact us to check on public course dates availability.

In-house events

Presented for up to 15 people.

This course is fully tailorable to the needs of your organisation.

Trainer's viewpoint - Lesley Wilson

“Writing well in order to get your message across effectively is even more important in this digital age.  Attention spans are short and every word needs to count.  Even senior executives can benefit from honing their skills in this area.”

Other information

Words of wisdom

“One-third of professionals write poorly”

Harvard Business Review