Creating and maintaining performance review systems

What we do

Performance review, appraisal, annual review…these are all terms for the process of ensuring that people are clear about their manager’s expectations of them in their role and are then supported to perform well and achieve.  It is all about having great conversations with your staff: about them, their work, their aspirations and goals and objectives.

Systems can be formal or informal.  There are lots of ways of achieving the above!

Pearl Onion has many years of experience in implementing and maintaining performance review systems.  As well as training your managers to have the skills needed to run effective review meetings, we also offer consultancy advice to help you improve your goal setting, monitoring and feed-back processes.

image of good performance review focusing on business goals
Potential client uses/benefits

Performance Review conversations are probably the most important conversations held in the organisation in the year.  Pearl Onion can help you to make the most of them.