Presentation Skills– “Presenting without Tears”Course ref PR1C


We understand that many people get terrified at the prospect of standing up in front of an audience, so the course is designed to teach the vital presentation  skills, but also to give the chance to practice in a safe, supportive environment with others in the same boat.

Who should attend?

This Presentation Skills course helps anybody who needs to be able to talk in front of a small group or larger audience.  Typically, the sort of people who usually attend are senior / middle managers, project managers, commercial managers, product managers, sales staff etc.  The skills will work equally well for use in social or business situations.

What will I come away with?

You will learn how to plan, create and deliver presentations to fit all occasions.  Pre-prepared checklists help provide continual feedback on where you need to concentrate to improve even further.

What does this course cover?

  • Understanding the planning required before you start:
    • Why are you doing it?
    • What do the audience need and how will it work in the venue?
    • How to choose and develop the theme.
  • Basic rules to build the structure of the talk. E.g.:
    • Framework.
    • How many points?
    • How do you decide on a thread to link the points?
  • How to write the content? E.g.:
    • What’s needed in the introduction and how do you open?
    • How do you make the main content appealing?
    • Do you need presentation aids?
    • What makes for a good ending?
  • Practical delivery tips:
    • Timing
    • Practice.
    • Performance.
    • Handling the nerves.
  • Dealing with the audience.

Other courses to consider?

speaker practicing presentation skills

2 days

Public course dates

Please contact us to check on public course dates availability.

In-house events

Presented for 5 to 8 people.

This course is fully tailorable to the needs of your organisation.

Trainer's viewpoint - Keith Wilson

It is fantastic to watch how people flourish in their performances as their skills sets and confidence levels grow.

Other information
  • “Very good.  Learned a lot.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed this course.  Excellent.”
  • “Plenty of practice and interaction.”

Last course’s AVERAGE overall rating 92%